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CCleaner Browser thinks I am offline at one site (and only that site!)


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I have a new problem that is defying all troubleshooting.

One of my daily pleasures is playing Hidato at their website (https://hidato.com).  However, since Thursday I have been unable to access the current day's game and the site defaults to an "offline" version of the game.  I have a good rapport with them and they tried to replicate the problem unsuccessfully.  The one thing they suggested was that somehow my internet connection was running slow, but Speedtest shows it right around where it always is (4 to 5GB down, 1 to 1.5 GB up, on a wireless home internet connection using T-Mobile's 4G network).

Accessing the site with (ugh) Firefox works fine.  And I do not have any problems accessing any other sites.

If anyone has any thoughts about what might need to be tweaked in CCleaner Browser (since that's obviously where the problem lies) to fix this, they would be greatly appreciated.  I can also answer anything about the current settings, etc.

Again, thank you in advance.

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  • Admin

Can you let us know if this is still occurring? I confess I'm not familiar with the site, so when I went to go and test it, it's possible I missed the indicator that it was an 'offline' version. However, I didn't see any indication that it was running in an offline mode, and it showed a chat applet below the game's own interface. 

(Specifically, this was when going to the daily mode "Classic" rather than "Beehive".)

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Don't know.  Gave up about a week ago, went back to Firefox, and uninstalled CCleaner Browser.

There were other issues that annoyed me, not the least of which was CCB's apparent inability to remember download folders for specific sites (always wanting to use the Downloads folder on my desktop).  I keep PDFs of my credit card statements, health insurance claims, etc. and Firefox always remembers where I last saved any of those from a specific site.  Not so CCB.

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  • Admin

Thanks for your feedback, in any event!

The behavior you describe (remembering the last-used download location instead of a download location per site) is, I believe, a quirk of Chromium; the only browser I'm personally familiar with that does what you describe is Firefox (which is one of the very few remaining non-Chromium-based browsers). So, so far as I know, you'd also see the same behavior as CCleaner Browser in Google Chrome, Opera, Brave, and so on.

I'll pass on your thoughts to our development team, though, for further consideration.

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