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shutting me down every night!!!

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Installed Kamo w new install of CCleaner. Every morning when I started up laptop had to do a hard reboot with power switch! Laptop battery area was also very hot to touch so even though nothing was available, it was working pretty hard all night. Shut Kamo down totally and problem went away. Win10 Pro 61 bit, Intel core i7-1051ou @1.80GHz, 32GB RAM, CC v5.83.9050, Kamo version

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Hi @greenscreen45 I wanted to follow-up with you on this as I suspect this problem was resolved in the new update we released for Kamo on August 18th.

If needed, you can install this update using the following steps:

  • Open Kamo > click Menu > SETTINGS
  • Click "UPDATE NOW"

Otherwise if these problems have persisted in the new version of Kamo, our support team would like to investigate further. Do they have permission to contact you via email, using the same address that is registered to your forums account?

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