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Don't Use Driver Updater


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I am a big fan of CCleaner and have been using for years with no issues. They just introduced a new Driver Updater which I tried.  It caused my touch screen to stop working. I immediately reversed everything but the touch screen still wont work. I wrote to them and they asked me to send them a bunch of reports which I immediately did. No response. I have written multiple times with no response. My expensive Dell XPS which i paid extra to have a touchscreen is now useless, all thanks to this terrible "Driver Updater" and poor customer service.  Too bad that a good company can introduce a product that hurts customers and then won't fix it.

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Probably the only thing you can do now is backup all of your personal files onto an external disk like a USB 3.0 external hard disk or SSD (preferably two backups just to be safe), and then factory reset the machine.

With my experience of dealing with Dell that's probably what they'd have you do since a third party non-Dell OEM program attempted to update the drivers and who knows what else it has broken. Going by what I've seen on my mother's 2014 Dell laptop (ancient at this point) it still receives updates from Dell, so they're rather good at keeping things up-to-date without having to resort to a third party program while they still support a particular model of computer.

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I echo this post! The Driver Updater is severely broken. Do not use it!

I used it to update drivers on my Lenovo P15. The result was a screen that went black, then restored, repeatedly on approximately a 5-second interval. It was useless. I had to boot to Safe Mode and roll back to a restore point.

When I updated the drivers using the Lenovo updater it updated 4 drivers. CCleaner Driver Updater had updated 12 drivers, evidently incorrectly.

Fortunately, I was able to recover but with more than a day's lost time. Use at your own risk!

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Hello @Eric @NightStalkerTX, have you tried contacting the support team at support@ccleaner.com ? There is the perfect place where you can get help in fixing your driver updater issue.

If you could attach your log files in your email our team could have a look on what went wrong with your driver updater

  • C:\Program Files\CCleaner\Data\DUState.dat
  • C:\Program Files\CCleaner\LOG\DriverUpdaterLib.log
  • C:\Windows\INF\setupapi.dev.log
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