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Office 365 (Online version) broken by Kamo and other problems

Andy Bell

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If I have Kamo installed, the online version of Office 365 doesn't work properly. It cannot rename Word documents not download them for local editing. 

After using Office 365 and experiencing problems, my email reader, EM Client, loses its connection to my email server (andybellphotography.com) and I have to reboot for it to re-establish the connection. After the Office 365 issue happens, Chrome cannot connect to any website.

Windows task manager reports Kamo is constantly using 25% of the processor power when Chrome is open. Making my PC run so slowly and not being able to use the Internet may be secure but it's not practical.

I've had to uninstall Kama to get things working again


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  • Admin

Hi @Andy Bell I suspect that all of these issues are attributed to the network connectivity problem you have described. This is something our development team recently became aware of and they are currently working towards getting this resolved.

Would we have permission to follow-up with you on this via email, using the same address registered to your forums account, when we have further insight on the issue?

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