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Why is CCleaner v5.83.9050 “Skipping” Microsoft Edge-Cookies” and “IE-Cookies” d

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Good Evening Fellow CCleaner Users,

Why is CCleaner v5.83.9050 “Skipping” Microsoft Edge-Cookies” and “Skipping IE-Cookies” during Analysis Detection and Run Cleaner.  I have both Microsoft Edge/IE Cookies checked, so it should be detected - correct!

I am attaching two pictures for your viewing pleasure.






CC Cleaner (Analysis Detection) - Why Browser Cookies are Skipped.JPG

CC Cleaner (Cleaning Complete) - Why Browser Cookies are Skipped.JPG

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Something is open, or running in the background, and still using them.
CCleaner cannot clean browser files that are still in use, so skips them.

CCleaner usually asks if you want to force them to close - unless you have previously ticked the box saying 'Do not show this message again' in which case it will just skip them - see this for an example of that box:

It could be anything that is still running, from an extension/add-on in the browser(s), to something like an email client, or a 'Live Tile' on your start menu. or ......

You need to look in Task Manager to see what is still running that may be connected with the browser(s).

('Old' Microsoft Edge should have been completely removed from your computer by Microsoft, unless you are still running an older Windows 10 version.
CCleaner still shows 'Old Edge' for legacy reasons, and those who still have older Win10 versions).

see these, note the old/new edge:


*** Out of Beer Error ->->-> Recovering Memory ***

Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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