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Tools > Software Updater wrong version and wrong platform for WinRar

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Good Afternoon,

Two issues with ccleaner software updater that seem specific to winrar.

I have win64 version installed, however when there are updates availible, ccleaner will pick the win32 bit version.

Also I noticed that the version displayed in software updater is wrong (6.2) when it is displayed correctly in uninstall software section correctly (6.0.2).

Previous version was the same, showing v6.1 rather than the correct v6.0.1 - so its likely a parse error in the version.

When I update winrar manually, it notices it is at the latest version.

Everything else with ccleaner and the software updater seem to work correctly, and display correct version and use x64 when availible.

Kind Regards

Tony Dean

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  • Admin

Hi @Anthony Dean Concerning how CCleaner choses the 32-bit version of WinRar when the 64-bit version is installed, our development team is now investigating the issue and working towards getting this problem resolved.

Additionally, our team confirmed they were already able to resolve the file version issue you saw so the 32-bit update will be displayed correctly, as v6.0.2.

If you happen to notice any other issues, please let us know; we greatly appreciate you for reporting these problems to us!

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