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Kamo randomly locking my apps down


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Installed Kamo from bundle.  It locks my network access at random times for both my Chrome browser and Outlook email client.  I uninstalled, downloaded again and re-installed.  Still happening.  It appears I can unlock my apps again by going into task manager and ending the Kamo filter process.  the process re-starts but my apps are allowed to access the network again until it happens next time.  Any help on this?  If I can't get it working properly, I'll have to uninstall as this is a show stopper for me.  Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Hi @jSan I am very sorry to hear of how the Kamo filter process is interfering with your network connectivity, forcing you to terminate the process in order to regain access.

Has this problem persisted in the new version of Kamo we released yesterday, v2.2?

To install this, simply open Kamo > click Menu > SETTINGS > UPDATE NOW

If so, can you please send the following log file to our support team, using support@ccleaner.com ?

C:\Program Files (x86)\Kamo\Support\Log\



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