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Has a consideration been made to include either (1) an option to prompt the user before updating software applications, or (2) disabling the Software Update capability altogether?  Although I do not have an issue with CCleaner performing updates/ upgrades to installed software, the execution of this option is still not optimum, especially when differentiating between 32-bit/ 64-bit installations or when different versions of an application are installed on purpose.  Some software applications update just fine, but others need correcting when the update does not go as desired.  It would be nice to be able to prevent errant updates from occurring in order to avoid extra work/ frustration on the part of the user.  Otherwise, users will be driven to either use the "Custom Clean" option to "workaround" software update errors (which does not really fix the problem), or worse yet, stop using CCleaner altogether nd find an alternative application.  Or is the "Custom Clean" option meant to allow the user to choose what applications are to be updated?  If so, that is still not the best way to approach the implementation of this capability because it still supports the idea of "uncontrolled" software updates, which is not advisable.  The Drive Update capability already incorporates a user-controlled approach to updating drivers - The same approach should be used for updating software applications.

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You can check or uncheck the programs listed in the Security tab of Health Check, unchecking the ones that you do not want to update. Like the other options in the Health Check, this is not remembered from one run to the other.

Custom Clean doesn't do any application updates whatsoever; you would go to the Tools > Software Updater for that. Simply check or uncheck the programs you want to update there - quite similar to how it's presented in the Health Check, in fact. 

Basically, Health Check (including its Security tab) is meant to be a semi-automated tool for inexperienced or less confident users who just want to 'push a button and make it better' - for a user like yourself, you may prefer using the individual options for greater control.

I'll be happy to get your feedback to our development team, though, so we can consider these points further!

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