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I have used CCleaner in many years, but now I regret it.


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CCleaner have always been good in the old days. But I bought PRO for 3 computers and got defraggler, recuva and speccy for a nice price.

I regret of going to use this tool now. Stop add things that only destroy for people in CCleaner.

For me is CCleaner as it was named in the old days "Crap Cleaner". Just listen on the name. This is not a tool to add things that have nothing about cleaning crap.

Since Software Updater got added I got curious, why? It's not a Crap Cleaner any more. And this Software Updater is useless anyway it's not finding all software I have. I use an alternative Software Updater. "Crap Cleaner" no, it's not that anymore.

And now you guys add driver updater? Where is this tool going to go? It's not a "Crap Cleaner" anymore. Drivers should never be downloaded through tools. I have seen so many people get drivers from software that update drivers, got corrupt. It's not like this will help people, this will destroy peoples computers. Never download drivers from tools. I always download drivers from the company where my hardware drivers comes from. And it have never had an issue. Driver update tools is a no zone.

What I will come forward with this message is, that so called CCleaner "Crap Cleaner" is no longer a cleaning tool. CCleaner for me is now a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program).

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