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Computer crash due to sign in for Driver Updater trial.


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I installed CCleaner on my Lenovo laptop, Windows 10. When I decided to accept the trial offer for Driver updater, it installed and I was told to restart the pc in order to activate the driver updater. Windows announced that the restart was not done properly and gave me several options to repair it. Without succes. I left the laptop at my local pc expert and am waiting for the result. Is this a known problem?

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Hello Andrei, thanks for your feedback. The situation is as follows: it is a Lenovoe Ideapad 14 inch. 1 year old. My local IT specialist has tried numerous ways to get it repaired. Impossible! Even with a recovery stick from Lenovo nothing works. Another problem is that there is no harddisk and no ssd... it is a 64 Gb chip soldered to the motherboard. As the item is still in guarantee period I sent it to the Lenovo repair facilities. I will keep you informed if I know the reason of this crash: if it's due to Ccleaner or something else! Fortunately I have another laptop Asus that works properly! Regards,

Gerard Schimmelpenninck

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That sounds like there was a hardware failure, then (and so sending it to Lenovo for repair was very likely the best option to repair the problem) - if it had been an installed driver that had caused the problem, that shouldn't have interfered with the recovery media, since that would have its own set of drivers and could just, at worst, install a fresh version of Windows onto the computer in that case. 

In any event, I'm certain Lenovo repair will get it back up and running promptly. 

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5 hours ago, tirregemo said:

 Another problem is that there is no harddisk and no ssd... it is a 64 Gb chip soldered to the motherboard.

I've not heard of an Ideapad with soldered storage rather than a removable drive.

They do have soldered in RAM chips, so you can't change the RAM without desoldering it;  but if you can't see an obvious seperate storage drive then the storage will most likely be a M.2 SSD, which can be swapped out.
M.2 SSD's do look a bit like a mini circuit board with chips on and have no casing, but they fit into a slot so can be fairly easily changed/upgraded.

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