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Driver Updater - What we're working on next

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Hi everyone, we are monitoring customer feedback from this forum and other sources. I wanted to take the opportunity to apologise to every customer who has had a negative experience with Driver Updater. This is certainly not our intention, and we are working very hard to avoid CCleaner creating problems instead of solving them.

If you have encountered an issue and you have not been able to resolve it by:

  1. Restarting the PC after an update
  2. Reverting the driver update from within CCleaner Driver Updater (see guide - sometimes this can require a restart to complete the reversion)
  3. Ensuring Windows is up to date
  4. Going back to a System Restore point (Ctrl+R, then type "Recovery")

...or if you need assistance with any of the above, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer support team who will do their very best to help you get your PC back back to normal. If it's still fresh in your memory, please try to note down the driver that was updated (if known) and how you first noticed something wasn't working as it should. This will be very helpful for our investigations, thanks!

Aside from this, we are committed to making this the best Driver Updater out there and are working on various improvements, including:

  1. Reducing the likelihood of failed/incomplete driver updates, and the need to attempt updates multiple times
  2. Making the button for reverting drivers more obvious
  3. Making it simpler to revert only the drivers that relate to an issue you're having
  4. Making it easier to report problems from within Driver Updater
  5. Gathering more useful device/driver information when problems occur to facilitate speedy statistical analysis and help us to make driver definition improvements much more rapidly
  6. Providing explanation for why a certain driver version is offered
  7. Fixing when scanning gets stuck
  8. Improving messaging for certain types of connectivity errors
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On 29/06/2021 at 16:22, Lighty said:

I have been a long time fan of paid version of CCleaner since it started.  This new addition is a mess, I personally will not try it again!

Thanks for the feedback, Lighty. I've deliberately left this thread open for comment because to make Driver Updater better we have to be open to listening to what our customers think of it. What in particular should we look to improve?

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in my case - driver update did not bork my system, but there are many drivers listed as "out of date" even though my installed version is greater than the "latest" version reported available by CCleaner.    Perhaps this results from manually installing latest versions from PC component OEM sites (e.g., Intel, Asus) -- so CCleaner should look at multiple sources for popular component makers, or at least take the stringified versions from the reportedly installed and latest versions -- and check the numeric equivalent on each segment of the version numbers before reporting a driver is out of date  (e.g. installed 10.1045.2 is greater than 10.1030.5).


example attached


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You sure are recommending a LOT of time spent fixing problems that ccleaner is making. While that is easy to do (recommend system restore, rebooting, reinstalling etc.), when ccleaner itself should have a way to fix the problems it causes.

Also, the explanation should be better. In the driver updater, it looks like many updates ccleaner recommends are NOT recommended by the computer manufacturer - so who is correct? How, and why, does ccleaner find and recommend updates that neither the manufacturer nor Intel recommends? That should be also in the explanation when updating. You could even have "essential" updates, "useful" updates, "recommended" updates, and "updates that don't do much." That way, users will understand what's going on much better, and then also be able to explain better to ccleaner when something goes wrong.

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i like ccleaner's new driver-updater.

i have an ASUS AMD ROG STRIX X370-F GAMING motherboard and ASUS is s-l-o-w to update the drivers for it, which has bugged me for a long time. now, all of my drivers are up-to-date.

with something like the driver-updater, you have to anticipate that there could be problems after updating the drivers, and be prepared to fix the problem by "reformatting" your harddrive, if necessary, or by using some type of system-restore.

in my case, i used ccleaner to update all of my drivers without experiencing any problems as a result.


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I use Macrium Reflect to image my PC daily so any problems after installing drivers I can roll back within 15 minutes.

Windows 10 Pro 21H1. CCleaner Pro. MalwareBytes Pro. Defender. Macrium Reflect Home.

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