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If theres ONE THING the "CCleaner-Browser" could get ahead on, it is THIS :
Make the Background color "Changeable" or "Customiceable" \ Whit "Build-in-Change" by one or 3 kliks 😎
Anybody today using PC on a daily basis is getting bigger and bigger screens, and ONE thing is SOOO anoing in ANY BROWSER =
The BIG WHITE surfaces that BLIND you time and time again ! 
I can make applications change BG-color whit the help of Windowblinds (Se picture), but to change it in a Browser IS A DRAG 🤬🤬🤬
If you cold make a CCleaner-Browser with BUILDT-IN "Background color changer" you would = WIN WIN WIN 💚
In fact, EVERYBODY would win
(I´m from Denmark, so any tekst in the pictures is in Danish \ Playing for EM today in Holland 26 June 2021⚽)




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forgot something ...
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