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new CCleaner driver update function

John Repo

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hello ; I just tried new function for driver update.

I'm a registered user of ccleaner pro and long time user (few years)

Sorry the driver update function does not work at the first try. I've got a windows Home up to date.

I was used to Driver Easy for years then bought Avira (they also made a driver update function)


But CCleaner driver update does not seem to work with me I've got a code error 33 the first time.

I tried again now it seems to give some results.

but I would be very cautious before trying to use it . For example it proposes an update of

Intel management engine interface dated 28.03.2016 to a version dated 10.01.2019 !!!

Avira says everything is up to date including this very Interl management interface

I would suggest you check every driver one by one and if you don't have problem do not update just for the pleasure of updating.

and better make a backup of your drivers before updating

drivers are no joke !          I almost lost my PC 3 years ago because of not having a proper update solution (I had none).

I could not even have the proper graphic resolution and use the PC normally anymore. Even thought of bying a new one !!


for 2 years Driver Easy purchased version saved my buts. Now I rely more or less on Avira but I'm cautious with newcomers.

my PC works fine now because I'm cautious but Driver Update is a must if you want to keep a PC working fine; specially if you

update windows automatically !

and I noticed every Driver Update Program seems to give different lists of drivers !


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  • John Repo changed the title to new CCleaner driver update function

I dont use any driver updater. 

If your pc or laptop is from a manufacturer, use only drivers from manufacturer in the first line,

An old wisdom - dont touch a running system.

the only exclude for me is the graphic driver.

Also i dont use driver from microsoft. The same thing as above but in green instead of red ;-)

Versions of CCleaner Cloud; Introduction Ccleaner Cloud;

Ccleaner-->System-Requirements; Ccleaner FAQ´s; Ccleaner builds; Scheduling Ccleaner Free


Es ist möglich, keine Fehler zu machen und dennoch zu verlieren. Das ist kein Zeichen von Schwäche. Das ist das Leben -> "Picard"

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  • Admin

Regarding the version number, it can happen that developers will change the system they use for version numbers, so it is indeed possible for lower version number to be newer. That being said, I believe that one specifically is being looked into, and I'll pass that report on to our development team to check, just to be on the safe side.

Caution is never a bad thing to advise, though, of course. :)

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