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CCleaner Browser keeps Starting up by itself all the time (in Windows 10)

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Hi everyone! 
As said in title, my CCleaner Browser keeps opening by itself. It does it many times a day.
In case it is relevant, I have Windows 10 (20H2).

By opening itself, i mean: the browser litterally opens its plain window,  just like if i had press on its button in my task bar.
I am not talking about the CCleaning app, or its notifications. i talk about the real app "CCleaner Browser" opening its window by itself.

=> Why it is a problem ?
a) When i work into my documents, i feel it disturbing to have to close it, many times a day.
b) I don't like the fact that an app acts by itself, without me knowing it and wanting it...
c) When it opens its window, what is it doing? Is it scanning my Wifi? Is it searching updates?
d)  Is it pushing informations from my computer to its webserver? If yes, are those data well encrypted?

=> To solve the problem,  I tried 4 methods :
1) Via the "X". I closed the browser by a click on the X in the top-right corner. But it opens again and again...

2) Via CCleaner Browser Settings. I opened CCleaner Browser. I clicked the ⋮ Menu icon in the top-right corner. I selected "Settings". In Startup section, i unchecked the option about running CCleaner Browser when the computer starts. But it keeps opening by itself many times a day...

3) Via Windows Settings. In my Windows Settings, i clicked on "Apps" section. I selected the Startup tab on the left pane, i founded CCleaner Browser on the list of apps and i switched the button from On to Off. But it doesn't work either, it keeps opening all the time...

4) I tried asking help by email, to support_ at _ccleaner.com. The only answer i got is: "check if the CCleaner browser is installed properly by going to the programs & features.  Because if it installed properly  it will show on your desktop icon.  Or you can have it bookmark." So i answered that no, it is not bookmarked...  (By the way, i don't understand how a browser could work, on a computer, if it is only bookmarked...But anyway... It is not important...)

5) => Now i try this 5e method: Asking help in this forum. :-) 
Did others had that same problem ?
Can someone tell me what is the good method to stop it from opening by itself all the time ?

Thanks a lot for reading that long letter... And have a good day.😉





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It sounds as if the browser may opening in response to something else triggering it.

The sort of thing I'm talking about is if you have Facebook (or your email, or...) set to automatically open your browser if/when you get a new message.

I'd check your usually open tabs to see if Facebook, or your email, or any other site you visit regularly, is set to do that.
(Although I'd expect that to open to the message itself and not just a searchpage)

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Thanks for trying to help, Nukecad !  😀

Your theory is interesting and refreshing...
Could you explain a little bit more ?

To being able to search what you are talking about, 
 i need to have a better understanding ...

How can Facebook or email open a browser when it gets a message?
Where could it be in their settings?
Under which section? What kind of "services" is it supposed to serve ?

Thanks a lot, i appreciate, really! 😍
(Excuse my english, i am a french speaker...)


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It was more of a suggestion of what may possibly be happening.

It can thoeretically happen if your browser is still running in the background.
Even though you've closed it a Chromium based browser may still be running in the background - and CCleaner browser is Chromium based.
A 'Push Notification' could then cause the browser to open to try and display the notification.
It's not usual, but your browser opening randomly is not usual.

Close the CCleaner browser and look in Windows Task Manager to see if it is still running as a background task.

If you do a google for 'Chrome opens randomly' you'll see that random opening can be an issue for some.

And then of course it could be due to malware, so a good scan with your Antivirus is recommended.
I'd also download Malwarbytes Free if you don't have it already and run a manual scan with that.

If you realy want to be sure that it's not malware causing your browser to open randomly then you can also go to the Malwarebytes forum, where an expert will work with you to completely check over your computer and clean it up if necessary - all for free.
(They'll often also pick up other problems and not just malware).
If you want to do that then start here: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/9573-im-infected-what-do-i-do-now/

Other websites also offer the same service, you can see a list of the ones that we recommend in number 10 of the forum rules:
https://community.ccleaner.com/announcement/15-forum-rules /

*** Out of Beer Error ->->-> Recovering Memory ***

Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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