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Unable to update CCleaner after V5.23.4808 (64bit)

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Starting in March 2021, I have been unable to load any updates to CCleaner.  Have been in touch with CCleaner helpdesk and they have provided numerous options.  Have also tried numerous versions and can only get Version 5.23.3808 (64bit) to install and work. 

This may be due to a Microsoft update early in 2021.  The problem only exists on my desktop. I am using Win 7 home premium version 6.1.7601 serviced pack 1 build 7601. 

My laptop using Win 7 has had no problem installing the updates right up to the current version.

Any idea what is blocking the CCleaner updates on my desktop?  I was working with Reggie at the helpdesk and now they have given it to another tech, Shin, and it appears they are starting the entire process over again which I don’t need. 

When I try to install any update I get the message: “CC installer has stopped working.”  That includes any version newer then the one mentioned above.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Without looking into it (I'm on my phone) I think the issue is that you are on Win 7 SP1 - can you update it to SP2?

(I suspect your laptop is on SP2).

TBH Win 7 is End of Life and is only going to get more such problems as time passes and apps stop supporting it.

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