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I started using Ccleaner shortly after it was released, and up to now I still love it. I do worry that, like many software apps that have the humble beginnings of a software writer putting his/her heart and soul into creating an app that serves their purposes and share it with the world. Then, when it becomes successful and grows from strength to strength and then at some point losses touch with the original idea to be corrupted in the name of profit.

That said, I have the pro version on my home PCs and my phones. I'm a contractor and so work for many different companies, and with each company I introduce them to the benefits of Ccleaner. Some take it on some don't, one function that I believe is missing, is operating system fault analysis. The company I currently work for have been resistant to purchasing it, I installed the free version on the company PC I've been allocated, and use Ccleaner frequently to keep the PC running well. Alas with this PC it is in vain, because it has issues with the operating system which causes frequent crashes. The company response to this is that any software they haven't approved which is on the PC is to blame, even though it's not!

If Ccleaner had an operating system analysis tool, which could find the problems causing frequent crashes, it would be an easy sell.

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You could try this on that PC where the OS is "bugged":

Other than that a new fresh install of Windows will solve all the issues quickly, including getting rid of any potential malware which could be part of the cause.

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