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Good day;

Am new using this recently purchased software. I ran a "health check/clean" and it found whatever. I had what it found removed. Then i "immediately" ran the health check again right after the 1st time and it found more stuff. I even did this a few times on other occasions in which i would even do a 3rd clean (three cleanings in a row - immediately one after another) ... and it found items even on the 3rd clean

My question is: "why" didn't the CCleaner that found the files on the 2nd clean, find those files on the 1st clean when i didn't use the pc for anything else?? There was no time lag between cleanings??

Curious to know why?? Does anyone have an answer??

thank you



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I'm not sure why we are suddenly having a resurgence of this question, must be a surge in new users.

But yes - there is an explanation (actually more than one) for why some files will always come back immediately after cleaning.
It isn't finding more stuff, it's finding the same stuff that it has already cleaned which has come straight back again and is now (usually) empty.
It's just the way a computer works.

It got to be such a frequent question previously that I wrote a longer explanation of why this happens and what you can do to stop some of it, you can find it here:

*** Out of Beer Error ->->-> Recovering Memory ***

Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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hmmmm ... tks a bunch for the answer nukecad! much appreciated. But having "removed" or what i am thinking is deleted after i do a clean, and then files show up again immediately thereafter, i can't help but wondering if this is more of a script built into the software ...as opposed to the software "actually" doing its job ??? But will give the CCleaner the benifit of the doubt for now.

Have a great day and keep safe!



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  • Admin

You're right to a certain degree; the reason these files come back is that there's a script (or some other autonomic function) built into Windows or other software on your computer in order to rebuild these files when they're deleted.

Thankfully, they're rebuild in an 'empty', default form, so the cleaning is effective, but it does lead to this small bit of odd behavior. It's better than programs (such as the built-in Microsoft browsers) failing to work, though, certainly.

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