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How do i exclude a software from updates?

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I use Evernote.

However, i really dislike their newer versions
and ccleaner keeps wanting to update it.

i've had to uninstall Evernote a number of times
because the newer versions suck ... so i REALLY do
not want updates 

is there a setting anywhere for me to exclude this
from update?  I almost clicked on 'next' when it went
to update



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There isn't currently a way to add an exclude to the software updater, but there is something that you can do to prevent CCleaner trying to update things.

If you use Health Check then it runs the software updater each and every time you use it.
If instead you use Custom Clean it never runs the Software Updater, you have to run it seperately from the Tools menu. (or do a Health Check).

So if you use Custom Clean as your default it won't try to update other softwares. (Unless you run Software Update or Health Check).

To set Custom Clean to be your default then go to Options >Settings and change the CCleaner Home Screen.

An exclusion for software updates is a good idea though, and they are currently asking for suggestions for what people would like to see in CCleaner v6, so I'll add it to those suggestions.
However even if included in v6 an exception/exclusion would only work in the stand alone Software Updater - Health Check is not customisable and so would always try to update it.

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