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wipe edge browsing data/history 100% unrecoverable


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Hi guys, I need a software eraser to be sure to securely wipe browsing data from microsoft edge (I think that also in anonymous navigation I leave data on pc).. 

Which version of CCleaner do you suggest me? I need a tool that overwrite data and not only erase.. 

Please let me know if for this aim you think there are other software better than CC.. 

Thanks for your time! 

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  • Admin

To begin with, there is no software that has ever been made or, likely, ever will be made that can render data "100% unrecoverable".

There's a reason that large corporations, governments, and so on use giant shredders to destroy drives that they wish to make unrecoverable rather than software.

With that in mind, for conventional (non-solid state) hard drives, you can turn on Secure Deletion in CCleaner's options, as described here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360048321751-Change-CCleaner-for-Windows-settings#h_01ET84PW80ETAMZ00XDRC8NJY9 - this will make CCleaner's cleaning process take longer, possibly much longer depending on the settings chosen, but will cause it to securely overwrite the data that it deletes, including data from Microsoft Edge if you have it set to do so.

(For solid-state drives, secure overwrite procedures do not work and also wear out the drive much faster than intended, so we do not recommend usage of this function or any similar function in any other software; I have read that file system-level encryption can make it much harder to recover deleted files on SSDs, however, so that may be suitable for your needs. That would be enabled in your OS instead of through a third-party tool.)

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  • Moderators

For an SSD using Windows built in Trim function should work. There are SSDs sold have a security feature such as some Kingston SSDs, etc., although enabling such as feature might detail having to reinstall the OS.

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