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My CCleaner is not patching up the health of my Computer

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My CCleaner latest version is not patching up the health of my Computer. Sometimes it closes automatically without full patching up.

Please help me in patching up the health of my Computer, so that my Computer works as a Superstar.

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  • Admin

Please double-check that you're using the latest version of CCleaner for best results (version 5.78 at the time of writing) - if not, you should be able to use the Check for Updates button at the bottom-right corner of the CCleaner window to update. 

If you're using this version already, or still have problems after updating, try restarting the computer and running the Health Check after the restart is complete, before you run any other programs.

You can also try going to Tools > Software Updater, then attempt to update any software that it detects updates for manually. If there's an error, that might be what's causing this issue and in that case, you might try updating the program through its normal method (often within the program itself, or by downloading an update from the manufacturer's website).

If none of that seems to help, please run CCleaner in debug mode as described here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360048363751

When you have a log that captures this crash, please send it to our support team by attaching it to an email to support@ccleaner.com (as well as any other details you can provide) so that this can be looked into further.

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