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CCleaner not removing cookies

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I use the Brave browser on my PC and I've noticed that when I run CCleaner on my PC it identifies some cookies but never removes them.  Here's a list of these cookies.  All of these cookies end it safeframe.googlesyndication.com.  If CCleaner identifies them why doesn't it remove them?  is there a way to remove them manually?  This started months ago when I noticed 8 cookies like this but now the list has grown to 30.  Can anyone help me get rid of these?



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Please check the discussion here: 

(and the responses after the message I linked to) where this same behavior was being reported. It was in Google Chrome, I believe, but Brave is also a Chromium-based browser and thus would demonstrate the same behavior. 

In short, it's nothing to worry about, the system is just recreating them after they're cleaned, but if you absolutely must have them removed (at the risk of breaking things), there's a few options in the link for trying to block them permanently. 

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