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After using ccleaner, micro sd storage can't be accessed

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I have CCleaner 5.5.0 on android  6.0.

After running it, my device can see the presence of my micro sd storage, but it results empty.

I thought it deleted everything, but from my PC everything is still there.

I have no idea what CCleaner has done.

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That is very odd indeed; at this time, CCleaner does not affect SD cards (the data CCleaner is designed to clean would be most commonly stored on the internal storage, so that's what it's focused on). 

It does access the SD card in order to view how much space is present on it, but that's it (that's enough to require the SD card permission from the OS, however).

As such, running it shouldn't have had any impact on the SD card at all, and this isn't behavior I've seen reported by our other users, either. 

I almost wonder if a setting was changed in the OS to mount the SD card in a different location than expected (maybe /ext-sdcard/ instead of /sdcard/ at a guess), but I'm at a loss to suggest how that could have happened or how it could be corrected. 

I've heard of this occurring in reverse (not showing anything on PC), but I'm having trouble finding anything that seems like what you describe. I did see this article: https://help.napster.com/hc/en-us/articles/223272307-Fix-for-SD-card-issues-after-Marshmallow-upgrade which might be relevant since you mention the device is using Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), but it seems like it might be referring to a different matter as well.

The "Settings for Transferring Files to a Memory Card Have Gone Awry" section of: https://androidproblems.com/repair/android-not-save-data-micro-sd-card.html seems like it points to settings that might be relevant.

Might also be worth getting in touch with the manufacturer of the device to see if they have any advice - it might be a simple fix, just one I'm not aware of.

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