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Firefox 1.5 0.5


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Not officially it isn't so I'll wait I think.


Yes I'm sorry about that. I just saw it on File Hippo and assumed it had been officially released. :(

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Hmm, interesting. The official site still shows to be the latest release...so I'll just wait until it's released officially to download it. However, thanks for the tip.


FileHippo's change log is as such:

  • Improvements to product stability
  • Added changes for Frisian locale (fy-NL)
  • Several security fixes


Now that I've gone there...I'm tempted to download Firefox 2 Beta 1. Anybody have opinions on it?

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That happened with, it was listed on Filehippo before it was on the official site. I'll wait because when it's officially released it's a quick update via 'Help->Check for Updates...'

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That is the official version. http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/releases/


Release Date: July 27, 2006


Oops, it got released a day early on FileHippo!

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It's a minor update, but it patches some critical security holes, so it's important!


Every time there's a new Firefox version, download sites start listing it prematurely. Always check an official Mozilla download page, like: http://getfirefox.com/


Or, if you have Firefox installed, click Help > Check for Updates. If an update has been released, you'll get it.

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