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Annoying Sales Popups from CCleaner - How to STOP!

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I have been using Ccleaner for many, many, many years...but this may be my last.

I am aware that another company owns CCleaner and they are pushing the envelop on the sales reach and taking away the pure spirit CCleaner once had regarding no ads, no BS.  That's something I am finding different these days, compared to the years of good cleaning I have enjoyed.  The pricing is gauging me, now too.  The slimy Cash Back scheme is VERY old co-opting scheme used by some of the worst marketers and tools I ever used.  So, that is a huge disappointment.  I am sure the Parent company who purchased CCleaner knew this, and doesn't give 2 cents of care about us, the original customer base.  If they do, then they will back off the aggressive sales tactics which I find flies in the face of what CCleaner was vs what it has become.

In a small effort I am trying to stop the SPAM from CCleaner itself.  BTW(there is ABOSOLUTY, no way I would pay for software that is pulling the old McAfee(Slimmy) sales style pop-ups, nagging screens we see in CCleaner.  Here: https://share.getcloudapp.com/wbu9E9Ad


We see here in settings - we do not have the option to stop 1st party ads, simply those from 3rd parties.

I get these annoying pop-ups all the time.  It sucks when I am using my computer, and these distractions overlay my work and pull my focus.  It won't be happening for much longer as I will delete this software and never look back again if I can't find a good answer to my question here within 3 days.  No real lose, other than I paid for pro for a couple years, hoping for the best.

For the best meaning - I thought by paying such a HIGH price - they would make enough to reduce the invasive BS on my computer from their "Cleaner".  Well, that's not what has happened.  If anything - I see more development $ spent on invading my system even more.  I don't know all the details, and really don't care.  All I know is CCleaner used to be $9 and worked like a charm, now it's $29-$100 and works like mud on a pig.


Here is my settings page:



If anyone knows how to stop the stupid insanity of this "healthy app" - please let me know.  It's about to become a straggler.


Thank you!


Ya know?



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All cleared check boxes is what I have had set since the day I have had access to these setting in CCleaner.

I have always had the mindset to keep pop-ups off my computer and browsing experiences, too (I used other tools for that).

Looks like CCleaner and co. sells a browsing product.  After seeing what they have done with CCleaner - I wouldn't advise to install their browsing tool at all.  LOL

It's obvious a conflict of interest based on why we purchase and what we are forced to deal with, regarding the pop-ups and high prices.

The additions like the Health tool appear to be of a different breed as well.  Just re-skinned software (probably acquired software) shoved into CCleaner's menu.

Why do I say that?  Because, the idea of making it simple for simple-minded people who can't decide or be bothered with complex check boxes, are given no options and the behavior is so different from the original CCleaner.  Appears the development decision was about saving money/making way more..all the while saying it's more valuable now and charging an arm and a leg for it.  Hence pushing, pushing, pushing pop-ups and higher prices.  In fact, the value is near zero as the pop-ups and development decisions have been self-centered on their desires (For a few years now) and not in the best value/interests of customers', like you and I?  So there we have it.  Looks like CCleaner has been hi-jacked and the team is focused on profits over true value.

Seriously, never felt this bad about a product.  It sucks when you love a product, see it get acquired to burn through the customer list and milked.  I wanted to support it, but it's really feeling like another form of malware at this point.

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4 hours ago, Dave CCleaner said:

Note that those are not ads.  The example you gave was of a loyalty discount offer in a renewal reminder related to your subscription because you are coming up to expiry at some point in the near future.  From a couple of months before expiry you'd be getting a reminder about every 2 weeks - although when there is a special limited-time promotional discount available you may get 3-4 in the space of a week.

If you are receiving renewal reminders more frequently than this, then (unless you are very close to your expiry date) the most common source of such overmessaging is if you have accidentally configured CCleaner to wipe the "I have already seen this message and I don't need to see it again" flag as a result of removing too many things from the cookie cleaning whitelist.  The fix for this is to go to Options > Cookies in the CCleaner console, right click in "Cookies to Keep", select Import and import the cookies.txt attached here - which should resolve that problem for you.

cookies.txt 134 B · 1 download

If you are getting other notifications relating to CCleaner having found something to clean that you don't want to be notified about, that is configurable through Options > Smart Cleaning.

Those privacy settings relate to data processing rather than notifications, per se.  That said, a few times a year we may offer discounts on CCleaner Professional to free users (usually as 1-3 notifications per campaign, depending on how long it is running for), and those who uncheck that "See possible upgrades and offers for our other products by sharing app-usage data with us" will generally not see most of these.

If you are in the US, Piriform has not changed the price for a 1 PC licence of CCleaner Professional from US$25 since it first went on sale ~10 years ago.  For users with multiple PCs, the CCleaner Professional Plus bundle for $40 was boosted to support up to 3 PCs back in May 2019.  We understand that not all of our users can afford CCleaner Professional, which is why we have an ongoing commitment to always offer a free version of CCleaner, along with our other performance and privacy tools.

Yet another malware type pop-up from this software.


It's annoying and the entire purpose of your software is to optimize my computer, not do whatever, whenever.  Not going to pay to be treated with Loyalty.  LOL

I am uninstalling it now.  Just letting you know, my loyalty and our relationship is over due to high pricing and software "loyalty" behavior.  Not my monkey, not my circus.


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I am also experiencing these annoying popups. So far, no answer that works has been provided.


I had to login to forum to be able to download the .txt file. All is well now. No more ANNOYING popups.

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Now it's tightening up, CCleaner.

We PAY for our pro licenses and have 155 PAID days left.

Still, your software has been like a pinball game for some time with lots of advertising - or rather SPAM.

This is neither acceptable nor serious when we pay for the service and have half the time left.

Stop, otherwise many of us will abandon CCleaner.

In some cases, even the pop-up box can not be closed and yesterday's advertising caused script errors.

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The popup is still occurring. Cookies installed as per instructions but popup is back. I am with Gardis. If this continues into June (my renewal date), I will not be renewing. It's a situation that needs to get rectified.

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