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ClamWin And ClamWin Portable Updating Is Broken

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ClamWin And ClamWin Portable Updating Is Broken:
As of February/March 2021 updating the virus definition ("signature", "database") files isn't possible from inside of ClamWin/ClamWin Portable. You'll instead have to use a workaround by manually downloading them in a web browser, and the web browser will have to be a modern current version. Note that downloading in old out-of-date web browsers such as on old unsupported Windows operating systems (which also have to use old web browsers) will always fail, and updating will also fail if using a download manager.

There Are Multiple Reasons This:
· ClamAV has ceased support of versions older than 0.100.0. Both ClamWin/ClamWin Portable are at version 0.99.4 which was released in 2018 so they're both three years out-of-date, and also over six versions behind ClamAV.
· https://database.clamav.net has updated the site security and now uses Cloudfare to protect the site, which in turn means ClamWin/ClamWin Portable can't download updates anymore, and currently only modern current versions of web browsers are capable of downloading from the site.

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Posted (edited)

ClamWin Portable v0.99.4.103 released on 2021-03-14 was updated with v0.103.0 ClamAV components which will allow ClamWin Portable to once again successfully download and install virus database files from ClamAV.net.

ClamWin Portable can be downloaded at:

Note that the update window has itself been updated and now includes an auto-scrolling progress indicator that will often crash when verifying the downloaded virus database files on Windows 10 systems, it's actually very inaccurate in what it displays on Windows 10. On Windows XP systems it freezes for several seconds, and then proceeds normally showing the update log in the window.

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