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un-copyrighted music


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i was wondoring if theres any un-copyrighted music out there that i could use for a project im doing.

dont really like paying fines...

im makin some dvds for a school and i needed some background music.

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Some music sites I've stumbled upon have links to a license (sorry I absolutely don't remember what it's called) that basically states that the music can be used in anyway you can think of so long as you don't profit from it by selling it.


Ahh ha, here's some reading on what I'm babbling about:






Check out the Vorbis.com music section for Ogg Vorbis (*.ogg) downloads that aren't restricted by any license:



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In the U.S., art is copyrighted the instant one creates it. What you're looking for is actually a different term: royalty-free.

Click here if CCleaner Issues are re-appearing



DjLizard.net wiki


Dial-a-fix tips

DjLizard.net software support forum


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my friend told me of a program called fruity loops.

you can make your own music and stuff on it.

i just got to learn it, then i might take that approach.

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There's also the chance that you could contact a recording company to see if they'd let you use some of their music, etc., via a license - just tell them from the get go it's for a school project. Now rather that would cost any money or not I don't know, however it's the safe approach of dealing with a record company versus their lawyers. Funny thing is I remember all sorts of projects in school that used copy-righted music without anyone getting permission beforehand, that's however highly illegal.

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its not actually a school project.

its me and my friends business, film industry zone, we're making a dvd for every person on the basket ball, soccer, and baseball teams.

we do this with other schools, not just our own school.

im contacting some people that i know that write music and see if they'll let me use some of theirs or if they could make me some.

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learning now! http://www.fruityloops.com its a great program and easy to learn!

also, if anyone wants to make me some background music, i can put their website or something on the end of the DVD!

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I say as Andavari, check out Creative Commons;

* http://creativecommons.org/audio/


You can browse for music, and look up the license, and it tells you if they are free to re-use, sample, etc and if they can be used for commercial purposes. Some require attribution though.


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