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Super Old CD Game with Files Missing

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So, honestly, I'm not even sure if this is where I should be starting, but I am at my wit's end and assumed this would be the best place to at least attempt to start.

A very long time ago, roughly the late 2000s, I was incredibly interested in CD-type computer games. I happened to purchase a behemoth of one, and, funnily enough, I somehow managed to go through like 4 PCs that either could not handle the massive size or I forgot the CD existed. Fast worward to my current PC, I found this old CD again and thought it would be cool to finally try it out, for nostalgia's sake. I immediately realized it sucked, which I should have expected to start with, and foolishly deleted the *file folders* as opposed to uninstalling the program. I no longer own this CD. i have been practically tearing my hair out trying to uninstall the remnants of this stupid CD to absolutely no freaking avail. I am at a complete loss. I assumed CCleaner could do it, but I am either mistaken or doing it wrong. I am literally begging for any help, it is driving me insane. 
For record purposes, the CD does actually show up on my uninstall programs dohickey, but when I press uninstall it just spazzes and says it cannot do it due to missing files. Again, I do not own this CD anymore to be able to reinstall it. It was a collection of like 500 outrageously crap games that are beyond obsolete as of like 13 years ago. Running Windows 10.

Thanks an outrageous amount, I appreciate any and all help! 

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Yes! So, honestly, it was a dumb moment on my part. After installing it and fooling around with it (please keep in mind this way a year if not two years ago by this point) I just left it and forgot about it. I used to be in a pretty bad habit of not cleaning out old crap on my PC, which I am still trying to do better at. At some point during my forgetting-about-it phase, I tossed the CD. Later on, I was file exploring and decided, hey, I don't know what half of this is for, let's Google it and delete some (like I said, keeping my PC neat is a struggle for me, along with doing it properly, apparently)! Well, when I was doing that, I deleted those game files. The specifics of that are hazy - I can't guarantee there was an uninstaller even in the folder, or if I even looked to see if there was one. I regret it every day, seriously. It's ruining my whole start-cleaning-your-harddrives vibe, because every time I look, I can't get past this one stupid CD, so I give up. 

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Has everything gone from the folders installed under c:/program files?  Or are some files refusing to delete because they are in use?  You may need to use CCleaner Tools > Startup to kill off any start-up items related to that CD if so, before resuming folder deletion.

Running the a Custom Clean may get rid of any temporary files that it has left clogging up space.  And, given the age of the software that you installed, this may be an appropriate time for judicious use of the Registry Cleaner (I did this just this morning to remove some stubborn traces of RealPlayer that its uninstaller had left behind).

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Posted (edited)

So, that's a good question - I don't actually know. What I do know is that it displays in my uninstall and manage programs list and I want to to cease existing there, and everywhere, in general. I have religiously cleaned my computer with CCleaner upwards of 5 times hoping it would be a stroke of luck to delete the CD files to no avail. 

I am religiously afraud of trying new things when it comes to my computer. I'm no expert, which causes that fear - what if I mess something up and can't fix it ever again? etc. If I were to try a registry clean I would 110% need someone to guide me through it to make sure I don't absolutely wreck my crap - because, believe me, I have that kind of luck to do that. That's not to say you'd have to walk me through it, but if nobody did I probably would never touch it. Ever. 

Edit: I could just edit these typos but the first post and response were at roughly 2-3 in the morning my time and every post henceforth I have atrocious allergies (I have cat allergies... but have cats. It's bad) and don't care enough to fix every individual one. So here's my explanation/excuse (potato/potato) for that, and apologies for it.


Edit 2: I have apparently failed to mention that my computer has been unplugged and stored away for the past roughly 4-6 months due to life being a struggle. That's notable because 1. it gives context as to why it is so outrageously important to me (it's the only one I have and I cannot afford another one) and why I'm so fearful, and 2. I don't actually know if leaving a computer unplugged and in random temperatures (below 0°F to probably around 80°F, roughly) could do anything to it? I worry a lot about this thing, I treat it as much like a baby as I can, though, admittedly, if we're taking count, I've probably came very close to killing this baby multiple times. I know a lot of my worries are irrational. 

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If you deleted everything associated with those games then you've essentially just manually uninstalled it.

What's left behind showing an invalid Uninstall reference in Windows Add/Remove and in CCleaner's 'Tools > Uninstall' is what's considered an Orphan uninstall entry.

CCleaner can easily remove it:
1. Make a System Restore Point. This is a fail-safe in case you delete the wrong entry detailed below.
2. Open CCleaner.
3. Go into: Tools > Uninstall, and highlight the Orphan uninstall entry (you can even try the Uninstall button to make certain it's the correct one to remove). Once you've determined it's the correct one to remove select the Delete button. Done.

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