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hi everyone

i have been using ccleaner for years  now without a problem  and have recommended it to countless others

however , this week i decided to clean up the computer i use as a plex server and set ccleaner away then leaving it on its final operation wipe free space as i had done in the

past and yes it took a while to go through 6tb but when it had finished it had successfully wiped EVERYTHING OFF THE DRIVE now i have the joy of sitting for

weeks and feeding over 1000 of my dvds back into my pc .

oh and i had a backupdrive attatched to the pc via usb ....... it wiped that too .... without being asked .... my own fault i should have unplugged it when i selected eject from windows.

any ideas why it did this ? as it was set to wipe free space only

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  • Admin

Hi @andysgenie First of all, we're very sorry to hear about this as it should not have happened when using the Drive Wiper's "Free Space Only" setting.

Our support team would like to investigate this further. Can you please send them an email, using support@ccleaner.com ?

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  • Admin

Hi @andysgenie our development team investigating this would like to know the following details from you?
What operating system are you using? and is it 32 or  64 bit?
What type of drive was affected by this, ie SDD or HDD?
What is the drives total capacity?
What is the affected drives interface ie SATA, USB, network?
What is the file system of the drive ie NTFT?
If you could also email us at support@ccleaner.com so we can continue to assist you with this issue.

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  • Admin

Hi all,

I wanted to confirm back that we took this report very seriously and disabled the feature in v5.78 while we completed a thorough investigation of the Wipe Free Space feature. We thoroughly retested the functionality across various stress conditions, and did not find anything that could cause the error described.

Wipe Free Space uses only standard file manipulating operations for creating and writing files, not direct disk access (which could introduce risk for file system integrity), so we feel confident that this is most likely down to hardware failure or some other rogue element that is beyond our control.

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