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Update notification version = Installed version

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Recently updated CCleaner from update popup; as always.
I do not remember previous version number that last update replaced.
Use a few times daily.

Getting nag screen about updating from to same version.

64bit OS:
Windows 10 Home
Version    20H2
OS build    19042.804

Microsoft [Chromium] Edge
Version 88.0.705.74 (Official build) (64-bit)


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this oddity has been noted (yours is the second post about it here).

As you say it just seems to be a typo and doesn't affect the update, you get the correct new version.

It was suggested by a staff member that it was a typo when the new version was first released and had been corrected after a couple of hours, but your screenshot shows that it's still there for some.

How many are getting it and just why is another question, I suspect that not many people look that closely, don't notice it and just hit one of the buttons.

I've tried to replicate it myself by reinstalling v5.76 and then seeing what that message says, and it always shows the two different version numbers for me.

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