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CCleaner start up after closing games

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My problem is that CCleaner keeps launching after closing a game and its the full thing asking me to clean my pc i have looked around and seen many people saying turn off smart cleaner and that did not work and i couldnt find anything else on how to fix it online or in the settings.

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It is only Smart Cleaning that would/could do that.

Do you have CCleaner Pro or Free?
Which version of CCleaner do you have? (The latest is v5.77).
And it always helps if you tell us your Windows version and what antivirus you are using.

This clip is from CCleaner Free, if you don't want Smart Cleaning to run then you should make sure that these 2 boxes are unticked, you have to untick the lower one first:


Alternatively if you have CCleaner Pro you could change that 1.0 GB junk limit to something higher,
(Don't worry if yours says something other than 1.0 GB, that's just my machine).

And/or you could change the cleaning action to "Automatically clean without notification" so that it just cleans without nagging you.


Just in case you do already have those boxes unticked:
Do you see a CCleaner icon in your System Tray, near the clock similar to this (if you don't see one and there is an UP arrow click on that, the icon may be hidden up there).
If you do see one then do you have 'Keep CCleaner updated automatically' ticked in Options>Updates?

It is possible that Smart Cleaning is not turning off properly, (that happened for a few users when automatic updating was first introduced to CCleaner Free, it was caused by Windows Task Scheduler getting a bit confused).
If so then it can be fixed pretty easily, but please check the above and answer those questions first.

*** Out of Beer Error ->->-> Recovering Memory ***

Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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