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CCleaner won't open on Windows on ARM (Surface Pro X) PC


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Version: 5.76.8269
Windows 10 20H2 (OS Build: 19042.804)

I don't know if it's only with this version as I've only just noticed the issue, although it used to open fine. On my Surface Pro X CCleaner opens in Task Manager for a second then disappears. Nothing shows on screen and there are no errors.

Oddly when the app doesn't load a file called gcapi_16133347499292.dll appears in the installation folder, this disappears when it loads correctly:


I tried uninstalling CCleaner, deleting the installation folder and reinstalling it.

I've tracked it down to CCleaner suddenly not being compatible with WoA default x86 emulation settings. You need to tick Disable App Cache in Compatibility Settings and then it loads fine:


Disable application cache

The operating system will cache compiled blocks of code to reduce emulation overhead on subsequent executions. This setting requires the emulator to recompile all app code at runtime.

This isn't ticked as standard.


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Can this be investigated?

The Surface Pro X has been out since October 2019. I'm not expecting an ARM64 binary but why aren't Piriform still testing CCleaner for Windows on ARM compatibility?


p.s. I only use the Custom Clean section.

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