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Please help: is there a way to block the cookies shown under Options>Cookies before cleaning them? Instead of manually typing each unwanted cookie into Firefox cookie mgmt page, I'd love to be able to click on the cookie in CCleaner list and add it to my browser list. Any chance there's a way to do this? Or, at least, be able to "copy/paste" the cookie from CCleaner list to browser list? Probably just me being irritated over dumb stuff but anything that makes life a little easier these days would be happyful. :)


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Thank you Andavari. I'm aware of the "cookies to keep" function. I was just hoping for an easy way to permanently block those cookies from the "cookies to be deleted" column. In other words, by clicking on the cookie and having an "add to blocked cookies list" option which, I suspect, would need to communicate such instruction to the browser (in my case, Firefox). I was fairly sure this didn't exist in CCleaner but it would certainly be helpful!

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