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Not able to read the majority of files recovered by RECUVA

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Please note that Recuva cannot repair files - it can only recover them precisely as they're written to the drive. (More specifics are the lovely post that Augeas made in this thread: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/59954-recuva-recovers-the-wrong-content/ )

As such, if these files are already damaged or overwritten, there's absolutely nothing that Recuva can do about it.


Looking at the two files in a hex editor ( http://hexed.it specifically) shows a lot of blank space (all 0s) that suggests that part of the space the files previously occupied has already been empty, and little of the rest seems to be readable, suggesting that the rest was already overwritten. (Caveat: I am hardly an expert on the intricacies of the PDF or BMP file formats; but I would expect to see a little readable text at the beginning, especially in the PDF, if it was a valid file.)

Long story short, there may not be anything left of these files to be recovered or used, even if Recuva was able to repair damaged files, which it can't.

Best option in this case, if the files are important enough to you, would be to have the drive examined by a reputable and skilled data recovery service, as they may be able to tease more of the data out in a usable form.

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