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i get a registry error on ccleaner on windows 10 i have scanned 5 times


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That is not unusal with Windows 10, Windows needs the registry entry so keeps putting it back.

That particular registry entry (for SpeechRuntime.exe) is for future use, in Windows 10 21H1, by Cortana, Accessibility Options (for visually impaired users), and some audio drivers.
In fact it is now already in use and will 'break' some audio drivers if completely removed.
That is why Windows is putting it back if you remove it.

Our advice, and Microsoft's, is - don't use any registry cleaner on a regular basis with Windows 10 - if you do you may 'break' your Windows 10 and have to reinstall Windows from scratch.

Windows 10 changes the registry frequently, and registry cleaning apps will never be able to keep up with that.

Registry cleaning is an advanced tool (mainly for use on an already broken computer), it's not meant for regular use and will not speed up a working machine in any way.

Here is the Microsoft article about (not) using regisrty cleaners:

The post below this one gives Piriform/CCleaner's current policy about using the registry cleaner.


If you still insist on using the Reg Cleaner after reading that, then if you right click on that entry and 'Add to Exclude list' it will be ignored from then on.

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Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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Cleaning up the registry may still have merit for our users on Windows 7 and below.

The use case for the registry cleaner on Windows 10 is if:

  • You have a specific problem that you are trying to resolve; or
  • You are trying to locate and/or shred leftover registry entries from a specific piece of software that you have uninstalled from your computer

When we next have a major UI refresh, the registry cleaner will likely be moving under the Tools menu to reflect that:

  • Registry cleaning is a specific tool for a specific purpose - and not something for the regular day-to-day to-do list for most users; and
  • It will hopefully stop people classifying CCleaner as a registry cleaner (since it has been several years since that has been anything other than an ancillary function)

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