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How can I disable CCleaner from startup?

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Version 5.76 using Windows 7.  The program is starting as does show in taskbar.  I've gone to Tools> Startup> CCleaner Smart Cleaning I then highlight & try to disable.  I get a message that reads "failed to enable/ disable startup item: access is denied."  I am using a User Account & when I try to disable, it will not let me.  I then ran as administrator & it shows it is disabled.  The next computer restart, it will come back as enabled.  I believe this is causing problem for me, but don't know why this is happening. 

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This comes down to how Windows manages permissions for Standard User vs. Administrator accounts. Administrator permissions are needed to perform this task; however if you log into an Administrator account or do Run As Administrator and provide that account's credentials, then it's looking at the Administrator account's startups, not the Standard User account.

You may be able to set CCleaner (as Admin) to "Save all settings to INI file" in Options > Advanced and work around it that way. You may also be able to manipulate this via the Startups tab in MSCONFIG (or if using Windows 10, in the Windows Task Manager), though I believe this requires Administrator permissions still.

One option might be uninstall CCleaner entirely > restart the computer and log in as the Admin > run the installer again > Customize > More > select 'Install just for me'. That way CCleaner should only be installed for the Administrator profile, where it would be most effective and reliable, and should not run or even be present for other profiles.

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