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On system restart, CCleaner Browser should ask if you'd like to reopen tabs


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See for instance Chrome, Firefox.

When I shut down my computer for a weekly reboot / refresh. CCleaner Browser opens but I've lost all my tabs. Please retain in CCleaner Browser memory the Tabs so that on reboot, I can choose to re-open / access all my tabs that were closed on reboot.

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You can visit secure://settings/ in CCleaner Browser, or go to Menu > Settings. Once you're there, go down to the New Session section, and you'll have the option to continue where you left off.

By default, it's set to open the New Tab page, but you can set it like this if you prefer, or to open a specific set of pages instead if that's more suitable for your needs.

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1 hour ago, cbaumer0628 said:


This topic should probably be moved to CCleaner Browser Help sub-forum.


Already moved thanks.

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