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Please purge files from wpnidm

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When backing up my W10 account, I noticed 6200 jpg files in C:/users/<user>/AppData/Local/Microsoft/WIndows/Notifications/wpnidm.  Those files consumed 89MB of data impacting backup space and time.  Request you purge that directory in your next CCleaner update.  AppData is a hidden folder.

Reference: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/wpmidm-folder/a3bf9c67-0f62-420f-82e9-cea82395c07e

Maybe there are more things that could be purged from user AppData directories too...  Thanks.

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These are to do with Live Tiles. I only have one item in there because I have live tiles turned off (and don't use tiles anyway)

Either turn off live tiles or add them in an 'include' in CCleaner


This would be at your own risk of course.

CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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I don't know if that folder can or should be manually cleaned or not, and using CCleaner to do it would be manually cleaning it outside of using Windows to do it because you can dismiss notifications (or should I say annoyances).

That folder is empty on my system, however the only notifications I have enabled is for 'Security and Maintenance', and 'Wireless'.

You can change Notification settings in (Win10):
Settings > Notifications & Actions

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Thanks guys, spot on recommendations.  Went and unpinned all the tiles (live or not) since I never use them.  That prevents the buildup of space-eating files in wpnidm directory.  All done here...

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