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Using Reg Cleaner in CC 5.76.8269 and Surface 6 Pro leads to camera malfunction

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Latest Win 10 version on my surface 6 Pro
I used the registry cleaner as always and in standard settings. All three cameras, front, rear, IR front where not recognized anymore after this clean.

It took me a five days to find out the cause (regestry cleaner ) and countless hrs with MS and surface support. Error report in the system devices for the three cameras had been code 10. Well known in the community. I reinstalled my entire PC only to find out after having done the entire setup, that when using the Registry clean in CCLEANER the camera would not function again. So I re- installed the deleted Reg and it had been fine. 
Summary is, I will not use the registry cleaner anymore. 

Don't now if it is WIN10, CCLEANER or else . Anyone having the same issues?


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Don't use CCleaner's Registry Cleaner with Windows 10 - Don't use any registry cleaner with Windows 10.

Here is what Microsoft have to say about it:

The Registry Cleaner needs making less prominent in CCleaner, that has been promised for a while now  but it is taking an inordinately long time for it to actually happen.

*** Out of Beer Error ->->-> Recovering Memory ***

Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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Safest thing to do in Win10 is untick/disable every box in CCleaner's Registry Cleaner - especially important if installing CCleaner on someone's computer, and it helps to tell them to avoid using it. That is unless of course someone knows exactly what they're about to allow it to remove (i.e.; they open RegEdit and have a look), but there's just way too much changing in Win10 to reliably clean the registry.

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