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Registry Integrity Issue


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I am running Win XP Pro with all the updates. When I run the "Scan for Issues" there are two items that always appear. Even though they are checked for correction and the program says they are fixed I can immediately run a scan again and they reappear. They are as follows:


ActixeX?COM Issue PaperPort.ThumbnailControl.1 -(B9D87DFA-1A73-11D1-8AB1-080009ACD8A8) HKCR\PaperPort.ThumbnailControl.1


Open with Application Issue "C:\Program Files|CA|eTrust EZ Armor\eTrust EZ Firewall\zonealarm.exe" - warning "%1" HKCR\ZAMailSafe\shell\open


It does not matter how many times I run CCleaner and if it is re booted between "fixes" these two items always appear after a scan.


Any help?




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