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Good night, recently I downloaded recuva to recover important files that I lost when formatting the notebook, when I tried to download some photos a message appeared saying that this file is not supported. Could someone help me how to solve this?

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This usually indicates that the files were already damaged before recovery, so it may not be possible to open or repair these files.

However, some kinds of damage to image files will still allow them to be opened by IrfanView, found here: https://www.irfanview.com/ 

Depending on the kind of damage, loading an image in this program may still allow it to be viewed, then be saved as a fresh file that can be opened in other programs. If the file simply has an incorrect file type (e.g. if it's really a .PNG but was saved with the .JPG extension), IrfanView can also usually detect that and offer to rename it for you.

Beyond that, it's possible that high-end photo editing software could do more to try to repair the file, but I confess that's a bit outside my expertise - if anyone else here wants to weigh in on those possibilities, go ahead.

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