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Microsoft Paint?

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No ccleaner was not supposed to do this, it is usually a very safe program.

What operating system do you have?

You could always try a restore point.

Or go to control panel- add and remove programs- add and remove windows componants (lefthand side)- accessories and utilities - details -accessories -details and see if paint is ticked. You may need your windows cd for this.


Support contact





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CCleaner dosent remove paint or word pad and your the only person that has ever reported that happening.

Besides I don't think it removed them anyway.


Go to start>run> type in mspaint.exe


Let me know if paint starts up.

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Go to your Control Panel. Add/Remove Programs > Add/Remove Windows Components > Accessories & Utilities > Accessories > Put a check beside Paint and WordPad.



Thank you! Everything came back, including the games. So it wasn't ccleaner after all was it? If not, what could have caused it?

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It would depend on what programs you ran. There are some that will help uninstall things like Paint, Windows Messenger and more. There are programs like xp-AntiSpy and many others.


Do you know what programs you used that may have caused this, or roughly what programs you ran when you encountered this issue?

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