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ccleaner 5.64.7613 last working build on windows 10 (19042.685)

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today I wanted to install CCleaner, so i downloaded the latest 5.75 version, and immediately after install I got a "application stopped working" error. upon trying to start CCleaner, I get the same thing.

I started sourcing older versions of CCleaner, and the last one I am able to successfully install and start, is ccleaner 5.64.7613. Anything above just crashes after the install or app startup.

What gives?

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64 bits (2009, 19042.685)

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v5.64 is the last version of CCleaner that will run on XP and Vista.

Which suggest that you may be trying to run CCleaner in compatibility mode for Vista or below.
(We've seen a couple of cases of this happening, not sure why it gets changed for some people but it seems to be Windows doing it)

Browse to the CCleaner folder and check this for both 'CCleaner64.exe' and 'CCleaner.exe'.
Right click on the .exe and in the context menu select 'Properties' and then the 'Compatibility' tab.
If it looks something like this then untick that 'Compatibility mode' box and then Apply.


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Sorry for the late reply. I've tried again with the 5.75 release today but no go. Compatibility mode is not enabled for the executable(s).
reverted to  5.64.7613 and its fully functional. looks like  5.64 is the last stable version that i'm stuck with on my system.

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One thing I do note is that your Windows 10 is build 19042.685.

That is not the generally released build, are you on the Insider Program?

(19042.685 is not on Automatic Update yet).

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I haven't changed the group policy for preview builds, so i'm not sure how it got updated.

under settings / windows insider-program it says its controlled by a group policy

when I check the preview build group policy, it is 'no configured'

So not sure what's going on there.

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Following Patch Tuesday I'm now on build 19042.746.

I'd update Windows if it hasn't already and then see if CCleaner v5.76 will install for you.
Download the 'Slim' installer "ccsetup576_slim.exe" from here and double click it to install:

BTW. I assume that's a Local Group Policy and you are not running a business network?
Business networks need a different edition of CCleaner:

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