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Second copy of Ccleaner will not start.

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Bought 2 instances of Ccleaner subscriptions Professional for two computers.  First one expires 15 Dec 20212.  I installed this one on my desktop computer, ran the program, and entered the license key.  Everything was fine.

The second one expires 26 Dec 2021. Loaded it onto my husband's desktop. There was no problem with installation (as far as I know) but the program will not run.  So I can't enter the second license key. 

What should I do now? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.



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When CCleaner installs but then won't run it's usually because it's being blocked by your antivirus.

I'd try the following in this order to see if you can find what the problem is and fix it:

Uninstall CCleaner and download/install it again from here: https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds
(Use the 'Slim' installer, 3rd one down. It doesn't contain the bundled offers).
See if it will run/register now.

Check that CCleaner has installed correctly.
In File Explorer look in C:\Program Files\CCleaner to make sure that CCleaner has actually been installed.
Try double clicking on CCleaner64.exe to see if it will run from there.

Make sure that the AV is up to date.
It's best to check the AV's website, some will sometimes say they are up to date but there is a later version available on the website.
Then try running CCleaner again.

Try disabling (or even uninstalling) the AV to see if CCleaner will then run.
If it does then it indicates that it is the AV blocking CCleaner and you will need to make CCleaner an exception in the AV.

Boot the computer into Safe Mode and see if CCleaner will run in Safe Mode.
If it does that indicates that something is blocking it in 'normal' mode. (Usually the AV, but possibly some other security software).

For our further info:
What version of Windows is the computer running?
What antivirus is in use on it? (and at what version).

For your further info:
Here are the support articles for problems when installing or registering CCleaner (although they don't quite cover your situation):
Problems installing CCleaner
Porblems registering CCleaner


PS. Although not relevant to this install problem, you may have been better buying a 'Professional Plus' bundle which licences up to 3 computers rather than buying 2 individual licences (maybe not as it looks like the second one may have been the Boxing Day offer?):

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You asked for more information: all of our computers are using Window 10.  For antivirus, we use Norton version

I have tried all of your suggestions.  First of all, I misspoke when I said that I had two individual computer licenses,  The first I have is CCleaner Professional Plus, which is a license for 3 computers.  I tried to install this on my husband's computer and it would not run.  So I thought I must have been mistaken, and only had a license for one computer.  Therefore I bought another license for 1 computer.  (Yes, it was the Boxing Day Special.)  I have since checked and it truly is for three computers.  The extra purchase is okay, as we have two laptops as well which I have not installed onto yet.

I uninstalled Ccleaner and then downloaded it from the link you provided.  It seemed to install.  It would not run.  I clicked on Ccleaner 64 and it would not run from there either.

I booted into Safe Mode.  It would not run there either.

Now what?

I appreciate any advice you can offer,


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I assume that's a typo and the Norton version is

Did you try disabling Norton, and then installing CCleaner again with Norton disabled and seeing it it will run with Norton still disabled?

Did you try 'Whitelisting' CCleaner in Norton to allow internet access?

If you could give a screenshot of the CCleaner directory on the problem machine we can check if all the files have installed and that the dates and filesizes look right.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you for your continuing help.

Yes, that is a typo and the  latest version of Norton is installed

I disabled Norton and installed CCleaner again (first I uninstalled it.)  With Norton still disabled it would not run.

I could not whitelist it because CCleaner is already whitelisted.


The Lang folder has 59 .dll files.  The Setup folder is empty.

Can you think of anything else I can try?

Thanks again,


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Those are the standard files for an installation of CCleaner Free, some extra files get added when it is registered as Pro.
The 'Lang' folder is simply translation files for other languages, you can safely delete them but they'll come back next update. (I make them an 'include' in CCleaner so it deletes them itself when first run after an update).

One thing that has solved a similar problem for  another user this week was to create a new admin account on the computer (and then remove the old account).
For some reason the old account had become corrupted (it happens), the new account had no problems installing or running CCleaner.

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I've tidied your posts up.
(For some reason there was an odd extra weblink tagged onto the first image that you posted).

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