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CCLEANER nagging for updates

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I have used CCleaner for a long time and it does what I need it to do. Cleaning cookies and files that Microsoft puts on my PC and from other websites.

Not too long ago CCleaner started popups nagging for updates to "improve" it's function. Now when I run CCleaner I get two nagging popups for me to "upgrade"

I have stopped "upgrading" anything to do with Windows or programs that want to "improve" my "experience ".  Every time I upgraded any program I had more problems

with the programs I use daily, in fact I have lost the use of several programs I have used for years, either functionally or total loss because they were "incompatible" with

the newer Windows. Now I am getting two nagging popups when I try to use your CCleaner. So if these popups don't cease I will simply uninstall this program  and find some

other program to use.

This is my only post and when it's posted will sign out of this forum.

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