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Current Display Resolution Error in 1.32.774 ?


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It's been noticed before.

Speccy gets the information from Windows and it seems to be the resolution currently in use that is reported to Speccy by Windows rather than the monitor resolution.

If you look at your monitor widths and heights they are also different to the reported current and work resolutions, except in the case of monitor 4.
That is where the scaling comes in.
(Don't forget to add 40 pixels, for the taskbar if its showing,  to the Work resolution to give the Current resolution).

If you launch something on that monitor that uses a different (higher?) resolution, eg, a graphics programme or a Hi-res Game, then that should report the different (higher) resolution.

I'm by no means that familiar with Speccy but that's the best I've been able to work it out with my limited knowledge.

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