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"Foreign government" hacked US government departments

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The article states that it was the russians who did this hack. Yeah, sure, and I was born yesterday, right ? Washington DC was very "upset" about, what was called, "Russiagate" between say mid 2016 and early 2018 (2019 ?). And it turned out to be "a dud". And now, without proof, I am supposed to believe that the russians did this hack ? The hack could have been executed by the chinese as well. But Solarwind (the producer of the hacked software) also has "(some) egg" on its face.

The Department of Homeland Secuity also seems to be affected. The guys who do all the spying are now hacked as well ? Oh the irony.

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The former technical director (called "Bill Binney") of the NSA (of all organisations !!!) debunks in 2 videos the narrative that the russians hacked the servers of the (US) Democratic National Committee (DNC) in mid 2016. From that date onwards untill say mid 2018 (2019 ?) the US media all continued to accuse the russians of hacking the DNC servers and other "nefarious" activities from later dates (use your imagination).

But Binney has found enough proof that shows that "the hack" was actually a leak form someone inside the DNC organisation (there were actually 2 (!!!) leakers). Binney also explains WHY the NSA probably had ZERO proof that the russians hacked the DNC server and why Edward Snowden was able to collect damaging information and copy that information and get away with it.

All the information combined (in the videos and from other "alternative" sources on the internet) have made me VERY suspicious of any accusations that government A, B, C, ...... has hacked the US government departments (see my first post in this thread) or any other computer hack. The newspapers / websites have to provide some VERY SOLID evidence that A, B, C, .......... were performing that hack (as mentioned in the 1st post) before I start to believe any accusations.

The 2 videos were published on december 14, 2017.





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this is verging on politics which is a no-no.  Just sayin

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