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recovering RAW files from damaged mini SD card

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HI, 😅 from 🇮🇹 I have some short questions please; (pls note that I am not professional)

By copying a folder from mini SD card to another disk, the card was damaged and asked to re-format. (Pls see the error messages in the attached file).

I tried to recover the files  using Recuva, but without success; couldn´t open the files; 

I made a backup of the card on a virtual disk

🤔 is that true that with QUICK format of the drive the files aren´t deleted but the system files are sestored?


recover data sd card error messagesx.docx open recover error messagesx.docx

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That's sometimes true. More correct is to say that with a full format, all data will be destroyed, but that with a quick format, it may not be.

Any time you do a format, however, there is most certainly the possibility data will be lost or damaged, even with with a quick format.

Regarding Recuva, it can't fix damaged files, it can only recover them exactly as is currently present on the media; so if the files were already damaged, whether by the format or prior to it (by whatever mishap caused it to request the reformat), then that's how they'll be recovered.

We have an article about trying to repair Word files located here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204044044 - other programs in Microsoft Office, like Excel, have similar repair functionality as well. There's no guarantee that will work, but it's worth trying those steps for the relevant files. 

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