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I've removed your Cleverbridge number.
You shouldn't put things like that on an open forum, someone could (will) steal them.

We had another similar report yesterday, only the two of you (so far).
I'm waiting for that user to come back with the answers to some questions.

I'm trying to think what could have changed, it's not CCleaner, so have you by any chance installed the Windows 'Optional quality update' (KB4586853) in the last couple of days?


If so then was Health Check working properly before that?

Have you tried running a Custom Clean?
If Custom Clean also stops then it may give more indication of what the problem may be.
If you could do an "Analyze" first in Custom Clean, and give a screenshot of the analyze results, that would tell us what type of files CCleaner is finding on your machine.
Then click on 'Run Cleaner' and see if they are removed correctly.

The two usual questions just for completeness - What is your Windows 10 version & Build number? What Antivirus are you using?



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Thanks for the suggestion.

I haven't installed the Windows 'Optional.....' in the last days.

I tried running again CCleaner, i tried first with the Custom Clean and it worked well. All files were deleted. Then i tried with the health check and the result didn't change.

Windows 10 Home, Version 1909, Build 18363.1198

Windows Defender Antivirus.

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1 hour ago, UmbertoFrancesco said:

Then i tried with the health check and the result didn't change.

Sorry, do you mean that Health Check closed without completing again?

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Thanks, I've alerted the staff and it's being looked into.

As we only have these two reports then it may be difficult to track down just what the issue is, it may be specific to some setting or software on your particular machines which is why we are not geting lots of shouts from others.
But knowing that it's confined to Health Check and is not affecting Custom Clean should help narrow it down.

I'd stick to using Custom Clean for now as that is working for you.
Most advanced users, and those who had CCleaner before the advent of Health Check, use Custom Clean anyway - it gives more control over what is cleaned or not.

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On 08/12/2020 at 16:17, UmbertoFrancesco said:

 Cleaning is not the only function in the health check.

That's true, Custom Clean covers Health Check's 'Privacy' & 'Space' junk cleaning, but with rules you can set and change yourself rather than simply usng Health Check's default rules which you can't change.

You can still do the other two Health Check 'Pro' functions yourself from the Tools menu, just like we did before Health Check existed.
With CCleaner Pro Health Check just brings them together and runs them automatically every time you clean; they are 'extras' and CCleaner Free doesn't run them in Health Check.

I'll be honest here and say that those two Pro functions don't need to be run every time that you clean, which is one reason CCleaner Free doesn't run them.

Health Check's 'Speed' function is Tools>Startup. - It changes what is launching at boot/reset and removes anything unneeded that may be slowing down your computer startup.
Health Check does it automatically using it's own rules, Tools>Startup gives you more control over what is and isn't launched at startup but you do have to decide for yourself.
Once you've organised it then it doesn't need to be run each time you do a clean; and if you've managed to run Health Checks 'Speed' once in the past then unless you install something new or do a Windows Feature Update, (ie. a Windows version number change), you should be pretty much sorted already.

Health Check's 'Security' function is Tools>Software Updater - It checks that certain (not all) installed apps are up to date.
(Again that doesn't really need to be run each time you clean, once a month should be plenty).

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21 hours ago, UmbertoFrancesco said:

Ok, i will use Custom Clean for now hoping that the problem willl be solved asap. Cleaning is not the only function in the health check.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @UmbertoFrancesco We believe this might be resolved in the next update for CCleaner, v5.75, and we intend to release this soon.

Would you be willing to follow-up with us at that time to confirm if the problem still exists in v5.75?

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On 09/12/2020 at 10:39, UmbertoFrancesco said:



Hi @UmbertoFrancesco No problem at all. :) I wanted to follow-up with you on this because v5.75 was released today and I hope this version will work for you, without issue.

If needed, simply click on the "Check for updates..." link located on the bottom-right corner of CCleaner to install the new version.

However if the new version also closes before completing the Health Check operation, or if you experience any other issues, please let us know.

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