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Problem with smart cleaning.

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Running latest version of CCleaner pro & found a problem (potential bug?) with Smart Cleaning & the taskbar icon.
I have a disappearing CCleaner icon which disappears after an automatic clean.
If I turn off smart cleaning then the icon remains.
Auto update is on.
From what I’ve read if one or both of these are on then the icon will remain in the taskbar: If off then the icon disappears.
Minimise to taskbar after cleaning is off.

Is this a bug or a new feature?


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@BastetWhich version of CCleaner are you currently running?

Your Windows version and what AV you are using may also help.

We have seen the bug with Smart Cleaner closing itself after running an automatic clean before.

We only had reports here of it happening to a few users (4 or 5) and it happened when they closed a browser.
Smart Cleaning cleaned the browser and then for some reason closed itself.
Although for one person who didn't have automatic browser cleaning on it happened when it ran a clean of built up junk.

Is it happening for you when you close a browser, or when junk reaches the trigger level?

The devs were looking at it, and as none of the original reporters cam back, and nobody new has reported it happening since (until now), I'd assumed it had been fixed in one of the CCleaner updates.

Simply Opening and Closing CCleaner (without doing anything else) restarts Smart Cleaning and puts the icon back.

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Windows 10 Pro 20H2.
Defender & MalwareBytes Premium.
The most recent version of CCleaner: v5.74.8189

When I close the browser it shows cleaning then the icon will close. It is also happening when an scheduled clean is run. I disabled smart clean but the problem remains when the scheduled scan is run.

Yes I can open the program to return the icon to the taskbar but it disappears again when automatic browser cleaning happens after closing the browser.

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Thanks for the extra information, I was suspecting it was 20H2 the issue seemed to start about the rollout.

I can't remember if the others who reported this were all running Malwarebytes though I don't think they were, I'll have to see if I can find their posts again.

It's interesting that a scheduled clean is removing the icon.
As you had disabled Smart Cleaning then that implies that the scheduled scan is closing the new Autoupdate task.
That might help the devs track down what is going on.
If you could check that there is nothing CCleaner running in task manager following the scheduled scan that would confirm that the task(s) are being shut down an not just the icon being removed.

Again thanks, and I'll flag it up for attention.
(I believe they are already looking at how the background tasks interact).

PS. You forum signature still says you are on 1803.

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@Bastet This was posted a couple of hours ago, hopefully this Smart Cleaner issue is one the ones that is bening addressed in these fothcoming updates:

2 hours ago, Dave CCleaner said:

 there are a couple of releases planned for December that just focus on minor tweaks and bug fixes - predominantly ones that impact corner-cases and small audiences - so it is possible that any issues that may be impacting your specific system configuration may be mopped up with those.


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5 hours ago, Bastet said:


If I choose to tick the setting to ‘Minimise to system tray’ then the icon remains. 
I’ve never needed to tick this previously.

That's a different thing altogether to the Smart Cleaning or Automatic updating system tray icon.

What that is meant to do is that when you minimise the CCleaner UI it puts it in the system tray rather than the general taskbar.
(I've never really seen the point of that myself, maybe it's simply a hangover from old Windows versions?)

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