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CCleaner v.5.74 sometimes does not show its icon in the notification area

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Recently I found that no CCleaner icon is in the notification area after system start up.

After updating to CCleaner v.5.74, this problem came out and it does not always occur, sometimes the icon is displayed as the previous version.

I have been using CCleaner for long time and so no setting changes for CCleaner.

Does anyone have the same problem?

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Makes a change from people reporting that since v5.74 they always get an icon in the Systen Tray / Notification area. LOL.

Before v5.74 it was only Smart Cleaning that ran a backgrount task and put the icon in the System Tray (notification area).
Since the v5.74 update 'Keep CCleaner updated automatically' will also now do that.

This 'missing icon' issue seems to have started with Win 10 2004, although it may have been a patch to 1909, and has been reported to the developers.

It does seem to only affect some users and not everybody.
For some reason CCleaner's Smart Cleaning is not (always) being launched by Windows at boot for those users.

If/when it happens then simply open CCleaner and close it again without doing anything else, that forces the Smart Cleaning to start up and puts the icon in the tray.

You could also try uninstalling/reinstalling CCleaner, but that doesn't always cure it as it seems to be Windows causing it.
If you do try that then remember to make a note of your Pro licence details before uninstalling, because (if you don't want to pay again) you'll need to install the free version and re-register it as Pro using your existing licence details.

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I have a disappearing icon which disappears after an automatic clean.
If I turn off smart cleaning then the icon remains.
Auto update is on.
From what I’ve read if both of these are on then the icon will remain: If off then the icon disappears from the taskbar.

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I've replied in the new thread that you started about the icon dissapearing following an automatic clean.

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